Household Names

Something that’s on my mind more often than not are names – the names we hold, the names we give ourselves, but also, the names we come to familiarity with because of…circumstance, history, media, and they become a part of our conversations. Check out my latest piece published in The Heritage Journal titled Household Names here: If you aren’t familiar with the journal, do … Continue reading Household Names

What To Do in Freedom

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been in Palestine after three years of being away, I’ve been taking mental notes about the changes brought about by time. Whatever quiet moment I have, I have been in reflection. I’ve written phrases down – to meditate on later – and realize that it all feels urgent to write at this moment, but this moment feels to … Continue reading What To Do in Freedom

CPS x LIFTA: Love & Intimacy Video Series

As part of ‘Palestine, IN-BETWEEN’, CPS x LIFTA presents a LOVE & INTIMACY video series, my friend Lina Abdul-Samad and I had a conversation about love, intimacy, and Palestine. “In this episode, we meet Lina, 25, and Hasheemah, 27. Lina is based in Surda, Palestine and Hasheemah is living in New Orleans, Louisiana. They met in a calculus class more than ten years ago and … Continue reading CPS x LIFTA: Love & Intimacy Video Series

Contemplating Justice at A Junction

Shado Mag commissioned this piece in November, a month after the first anniversary of the Hard Rock Hotel. I wrote it after I noticed Bumble ads propped up around the construction site. It was odd to see messages of love in a public space that embodied the opposite. In the piece, I explore that and more. Check it out here: Image by Cindy Kang. Continue reading Contemplating Justice at A Junction

Dispatches of Silence: A Project Documenting Our Current Situation

Early on during the pandemic, when we were all unsure about what we’d be facing and for how long, I noticed how quiet it was outside – a suburban quietness that was quite odd for a place like the French Quarter. I called up two friends and as we spoke, they, too commented on the quietness of their surroundings. About ten days later, in early … Continue reading Dispatches of Silence: A Project Documenting Our Current Situation

Poem: Legitimate Grievances

I am pleased to share this poem published on Glass: A Journal of Poetry in their series, Poets Resist. This is a reflection on the banning of protests in the Olympics 2020 under the guise that sports are “neutral.” But have sports ever been neutral? A thank you to the guest editor, Christine Taylor, for handling this piece with care! For M, and after Muhammad Ali Link: reading Poem: Legitimate Grievances