I am an awkward enough person to not know how to introduce myself, so imperatives like “Tell me about yourself” make me want to look for an exit. They also make me nostalgic. It’s easier writing about myself, though. Here are a few facts (or are they?):
1a. I was born in one place and raised in two, moreso in one than the other.
1b. As a result, I am a very nostalgic person, and you’ll see this through my writing.
1c. I am convinced I was not born in my time. I’m way past it.
2. Nature is beautiful, and it separates you from all things modern and urban in this life. My bedroom window view for fourteen years happened to be the most beautiful site of hills, trees, and lights in the distance.
3. I enjoy time with friends and family. However, I do like some alone time.
4. If I am angry, you’ll find me writing. Somewhere.
5. Writer’s block is my worst enemy.
6. College is fun. I went through undergraduate school, and now, I’m in a graduate program. In the health field.
7a. Oh yeah. All things health-related and food is another thing I do/work on.
7b. There is a such thing as “the right to food.”
8. When I’m quiet, I’m probably cooking up a short story or an idea…or something I want to change.
9. I write because words change us even if we don’t want to admit it.
10. I have written for This Week in Palestine, The Fair Observer, Sixteen Minutes to Palestine, Cigale Literary Magazine, The Huffington Post, and others. I usually post the links here.
11. If you’re following this blog, you’ll get a taste of my complicated, random mind. Let’s share whatever journey I’m going on together!


One thought on “About

  1. Welcome. =) Been so neat meeting bloggers from around the world. I like the part about the confusion. Yep, sounds like life! I just wrote on successful blogging, if that interests. All the best.

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