“I’m Still Here.”

I think many of us have established that pages like “Humans of New York” take us on journeys with people we’d never think twice about otherwise. The latest journey is that of a Syrian man.

I saw the photograph of an old man with hair white as snow on “Humans of New York.” This man’s story was presented to us in seven parts. By the last part, we learn that he’s a scientist. He built his own house that was bombed, killing his wife, child and other relatives. He has cancer, and he’s moving to Michigan.


Disclaimer: Credit for this image is for Humans of New York. http://www.humansofnewyork.com/post/134825455921/77-i-still-think-i-have-a-chance-to-make-a

He reminds me of my high school friend’s father who passed away a few years ago. From a distance, I probably would have thought it to be him with the same hairstyle.

That’s when I thought, “What if I actually did know him? What if this happened to someone I did know?”

It becomes so much more real when we imagine that possibility, but we quickly shake the thought out of your head and say, “Nahh. That wouldn’t happen. We’re doing fine.” We want to forget that they were doing fine, too. 

This man ended the part of his story that he shared with us by saying, “I don’t want the world to think I’m over. I’m still here,” and I think that’s the most beautiful yet heartbreaking thing to realize.





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