To The “Most Powerful Men On The Planet”

In the nineth grade, my economics teacher had my class write letters to the president. I don’t remember how the talk went from the economy to writing letters, but I recall the twenty-seven of us in class got to writing. For a bunch of fourteen and fifteen-year-olds, we had our share to say to the man whose headquarters was only ten minutes away from our high school.

I also don’t remember what my letter said, but I remember it contained five paragraphs and ended with a question about what he was doing for the people of his country.

She – our teacher – told us she’d send them, but I doubt they ever crossed the front gates, and if they did – if they landed in anyone’s hands – they probably would have not liked what was in them.

Eight years later, I see different kinds of letters to a different kind of man…a man running to be president for the U.S., or as government officials in Scandal call this to be the race to become the “most powerful man on the planet.” (I still believe him running to be some sort of hoax).

The only comment I ever had about Donald Trump running for president was that he was actually running for president, like the rumors said he would. I paid no attention to his ridiculous, waste-of-time campaign, and I only read headlines of his narcissistic theories without clicking on the links.

Then, he mentioned that Muslims should start wearing badges (to single them out). He said that Muslims needed to be watched. As if identity cards were not enough to make a mark on someone. As if Muslims (and other minority groups) were not being watched enough.

This idea of singling persons out for who they are, where they are from, or what they believe in is not what America is supposed to be about. Sure, America hasn’t been what it’s “supposed” to be for a while now, but that is taking matters to another level…especially when putting this “singling out” in classrooms.

Should a child be singled out in his or her classroom for something that is given a negative connotation and association? What does this do to that child? Would he have the motivation to move on and continue his pursuit of education? What would this do to the other children? Would they be old enough to understand that this isn’t fair? Would they have gotten far enough to understand the moral of the fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling?” Because that is exactly what Trump is doing with his singling out (of any group of people); he’s pointing out the ones he deems to be “ugly ducklings.”

When I was younger, before I wrote the letter to my president, I lived in America, and maybe I was too young to notice, but I remember that people were singled out when they were gifted and talented. They were singled out for their achievements. They were signaled out for inventing, creating, and discovering. That is what created the colorful, diverse America I will never see again.

I didn’t think I’d write another letter to a “president” figure again, after I wrote one all those years ago. Though, if this is for anyone, it’s for the people that follow Trump and all oppressors around the world, blindly.


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