The Day of Anger

I heard my youngest sibling speak to her stuffed animals in her play room, telling them in Arabic, “Today is the day of anger. We need to clean our house.”

I poked my head into the room she was in. “What does that mean? Day of anger?”

“It means there’s going to be a lot of shooting,” she replied and went back to ignoring me and playing with her stuffed animals and Disney princesses.

The Palestinian news channel usually has headlines going on about what day of the week will be the “day of anger.” It’s the day where mass protests against the Israeli occupation are supposed to take place all over Palestine. In short, it’s when heavy shooting of live and rubber bullets and teargas canisters occurs.

Protests have been ongoing since the beginning of October during which close to one hundred Palestinians have been killed, among them children and women. Yet, apparently, there’s a need to call for certain days to be “days of anger.”

Haven’t Palestinians been in a state of anger over the occupation since the day it began to pollute Palestinian soil?

No child should live in fear. No child should be stranded. No child should be ignored. No child should go out on the streets not knowing exactly what he or she is up against. No child should utter the words “It means there’s going to be a lot of shooting.”


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