The Coffee Pot

A few weeks ago, during my morning walk, a daily ritual I try my best to make “daily”, I was passing by a few closed shops when a car stopped in front of one of them a few meters away from where I was walking.

A man seemingly in his early 30s walked out (and what I thought) threw something right in front of the shop, jumped back into the car and drove away.

From where I was standing, I was quick to judge. Why can’t people throw their crap in a trash bin? However, once I was in front of the closed shop, I noticed the man had not thrown anything in front of it. He had simply placed a coffee pot.

The coffee pot sits in front of a closed shop.

The coffee pot sits in front of a closed shop.

Apparently, a coffee shop delivers fresh Arabic coffee to the shops that have ordered it beforehand so that when the shop owner comes to open the shop, they can fill their system with caffeine and fill their shops with the strong smell of this coffee for the rest of the day. Arabic coffee has one of the strongest smells I have ever smelled and looks like dirt (then again, all coffee looks like dirt). For the longest time, I used to even think it tasted like dirt (again, not that I know what dirt tastes like).

Lessons learned? 1. Don’t judge anything from a few meters away – unless you have a big hunch that something is awefully wrong. 2. Observe your surroundings for that’s how you learn random little things and phenomenons that go on in your little town in the wee hours of the morning.


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