“…we must start.”

A couple of weeks ago, I attended this workshop titled “Salt Reduction in Bread.” Since chronic diseases are at a rise in Palestine, as they are in many parts of the world, environment health inspectors, doctors, and food scientists got together to see what they can do and how to do it. Since bread is consumed greatly among Palestinian society, it became the target in this salt reduction plan.

And then, someone raised their hand.

He was sitting in the front row with a notepad on his lap. One of the professors taking questions (or rather translating them to English to the Italian researcher) gave him the microphone.
“Would this effect the iodine content since iodized salt is used to prevent Iodine Deficiency Disorders?”
“Then, we should all work on both salt reduction and iodine consumption parallely,” said the Arabic-speaking professor.
“What about the salt used in cooking at home?” The man continued to ask.

This time, it was the Italian researcher who had something to say. He stared down at his shoes, glanced at the presentation slides, and looked back at the man.
“You’re right,” he began. “You’re right.”

And then, he said it.
“We can’t do it all, but we must start.”

The start is the hardest. At least, for me it is. The start of making new friends, of moving, of finding what major suits me in college, of opening the GRE book, of looking for schools, of finding the significant other, of writing even, is the hardest for me.

The start of this blog was hard. I kept putting it off until tomorrow..until the day after…until I finish this and that. Was it fear of the unknown? Probably. Was it fear of failure? Most likely. Was it because I feared I would lose faith and inspiration in the process? Definitely.

Then, I remember I have nothing to lose but a few brain cells and my good, old soul, so I start. I begin. I remember exactly what the Italian researcher said before I even heard it.
“We can’t do it all, but we must start.” If we don’t start now, we’ll never continue.


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