The Fresh Juice Maker: People We Don’t See

When you’re all the way in the back of a performance and are wearing your glasses (meant for reading), your eyesight can still suck. You see, obviously. You make out face features and the different designs on clothes, but you don’t quite see who the person is. At least, that is how it is with me.

Even if I were to squit my eyes, I wouldn’t have been able to see perfectly that the man in the front of the line of the debka performance is the famous fresh juice maker in Ramallah, on one of the corners of the Manara. When my uncle’s wife told me it was him, I was surprised because well, who would have known? I have known this man as the fresh juice maker for over 10 years and yet here he was, doing the traditional debka dance. Here he was, a part of El-fonoun Troupe’s old generation.
El-fonoun Troupe is a Palestinian Debka group that has been going strong for the past 36 years, and if they keep at it, they’d go on to be great for many, many years to come.

I always fell in love with stage performances, be it a one-man/woman act, a play, an orchestra, or a debka performance as was held this past Wednesday. There’s something beautiful about seeing something that was an idea come to life and unravel like that.

What’s especially beautiful is when one sees a person they know become into a person that one never knew of. It’s interesting how people have more to their story and how sometimes we forget. No one is “just _____”.


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