22 and Gold.

A few days ago, I celebrated the start of another year older.

Here’s what I just noticed:
1. I finished four years of college (though I’m not graduating yet, FOUR YEARS JUST PASSED BY. WHAT IN THE WORLD? I don’t want to grow up. Yuck.).
2. I have slowly and still am overcoming certain fears, such as my fear to write and post and send out and publish. I’ve been rejected and it’s actually okay. You don’t die. You just get on.
3. I have an incredibly weird, loud family that I love and hate and love and hate and love.
4. I have the most incredible friends in the world.
5. Sometimes, the muse you are looking for is right there. It’s in you, but you need to take a step back, not think about it, and in the weirdest ways, it’ll show up and give you something good.
6. Take matters into your own hands.
7. Keep a support group.
8. I have no idea what’s next.

But, fellow readers, I also came on to tell you all about a special gift I recieved. My incredible friends put this entire blog and other pieces I have published, such as my first short story, in a book. I was completely overwhelmed with emotions. I was extremely happy and excited and hopeful and so proud. They presented me with a gift that, I believe, will serve to encourage me to keep going, keep writing, keep the fire within me lit. Most of all, it made me realize that they truly had faith in me, and well, that’s gold.

Book compilation of my posts and other publications made by the best of friends.




Gold, indeed.


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