Le Selfie Stick.

“Did you get me in the picture?”
“Are you sure? I don’t see my face.”
“Alright, guys. This isn’t working. We’ll just take a video.”

If only we had one of those infamous “selfie sticks” that have been randomly sticking up in the air that day. My father’s cousin tried fitting in about fifteen people through an iPhone lens, but the picture consisted of only half that number.

No doubt the selfie stick is a convienient tool if you want to try in fit in your two generation family or if you are a couple on a sweet vacation or two friends in front of an incredible scene.

Call me old-fashion, but I like being paused from my messy thoughts and asked to take someone’s picture. It makes me smile on the inside for the moment. You get to be a part of this small, social arena. You probably took a good picture that that person will keep with them till God knows when. You took the person’s picture and chances are the person you took it for will never think of you after that. Though, somehow, if you have a good memory, you remember the picture you took and it still makes you smile inside.

On the next family gathering, a week later, my cousin’s wife had bought a selfie stick, and this time we managed to all fit in one big picture. Perhaps, as annoying as selfie sticks popping up in the air at the most ridiculous times are, they can be useful. However, never forget the power of social interaction. We still need that one on one in our lives.


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