Masks Off: Latenight Poetry.

She sits at the kitchen table
thinking of the masks she’s ever worn.
She thinks of the masks humans shed
till death, from when they were born.
Masking hate with love,
masking dishonesty with trust,
masking death with life,
masking sadness with a smile,
masking envy with pride,
masking sin with good faith,
and the other way around.

Her thoughts are ended
with a knock.
The tiny masked faces
look up at her in shock.
Mascara smeared
under her eyes.
She tells them it’s her costume,
knowing it’s all lies.

She closes the door
and looks into the mirror.
She wipes the smeared eyeliner from her eyes
to see clearer.
Her mask is off.
Her mask is off.
All she needs is for the masks of her loved ones to fall off.


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