With Victory: Reflections of A Person Not From Gaza pt.12

This evening, as I was driving in Ramallah, loud sounds went in every direction. My aunt joked, “Maybe it’s the Qassam rockets flying over us.”
I looked in the rearview mirror and saw fireworks. Perhaps a wedding? The tawjihi scores came out a long time ago. Nothing new in Gaza last time I checked. Maybe it’s another wedding. Too many damn weddings. I thought as I continued driving.
It wasn’t until I met another aunt to learn that Gaza has obtain an open-ended ceasefire. A stop to the bloodshed. Something everyone has been praying for here. A victory.
You read that right: a victory in one of its many forms…with a long way to go.
“The people of Gaza are bursting with happiness now!” My aunt exclaimed, and they were, as the televisions were showing.
Tonight, at 7:00 P.M. to be exact, a sort of victory came down on the people of Gaza. Despite the horrible things they went through, there are smiles there. There’s that hope that wasn’t lost. There’s the faith that someone out there didn’t forget to set the colonialist straight whether the world wants to call that “someone” a terrorist organization or not.
“Things can go back to normal for a bit.”
I shook my head. Yes, the bloodshed has stopped after 51 days, but those that remain to witness the aftermath of that “war” are still bleeding on the inside. The 4-year-old girl I read about in the newspaper in July who was in Jerusalem recieving treatment still has no one to go to because her entire family was massacred. There is nothing normal about that…or after that, I’d hate to imagine.
More than 2200 people were killed.
Close to 11,000 people were injured.
540k people have been displaced.
Neighborhoods have been massacred. Homes, schools, religious cites, buildings have been turned to rubble.
51 days…
There’s a long way to go starting tomorrow.
Power to the people of Gaza, to those who have lived and watched their world fall apart while the world watched them – and still watch many others – in silence.
Here’s to a better tomorrow for the people of Gaza, Palestine, Syria, and every oppressed place out there.


2 thoughts on “With Victory: Reflections of A Person Not From Gaza pt.12

  1. I hope the peace can be maintain. A hot zone. Hate is hard to forget. I saw the places in the Middle East. Kids are old men at 10 years old. Hard to be young when death is always near.

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