Scrolling Too Fast: Reflections of A Person Not From Gaza pt.8

Ever since the “war” on Gaza started, which was about a month ago, I have been on various social media sites scrolling through images and posts, reading, crying at times, feeling depressed most of the time, and scrolling some more. I share and unshare and share and unshare and share, thinking, it doesn’t feel right sharing pictures of a blown up bodies and getting “likes” for it. Where’s the sense of humanity in that? Of course, the “likes” aren’t neccessarily saying “Oh, wow. That’s pretty awesome,” but instead, they say, “I saw it. I’ll share it, too.” That’s why the same image or post will be shared close to 10 times every time. 

And it’s only a matter of time before one cracks. Before one starts to think, how the heck are these people surviving? Where are these kids’ parents? Where is the damned world in all this? Like I said. It is only a matter of time before one cracks. 

How I dread what I’m about to write: The scrolling through all this gets…”easier.” It becomes as if one is used to waking up in the morning and seeing these despicable images…as if one has become a zombie. It is as if it becomes “just another day” where everyone is counting the number of killed, injured, and the number of days the “war” has been dragging on. Days. Days. Days. But there’s nothing easy about this. Not for the people of Gaza. Not for the people of Gaza.  

Then, today, one wakes up and cannot scroll through, say Facebook, and one runs to the router thinking, What annoying internet company! Do I have to call them again? After a few hours of checking in and out to see if the “server connects”, one reads a post somewhere else from a friend saying that the site has been blocked by none other than the people leading the “war.” 

Is the word getting out so fast? Are people scrolling and sharing too quickly? Did you get caught up in all your lies yet? 

Gaza wants the “war” to stop. Who cares about silly Facebook, anyways? As my grandmother often says, “To hell with it.” 


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