Ice cream Fridges & Morgues: Reflections of A Person Not From Gaza pt.7

When I saw the image of an infant lying on the bottom of an ice cream fridge, I didn’t have to read the caption to know what the story was. All I thought of when I looked at the image was “what could’ve been”. I imagined this infant as a child, tiptoeing near the fridge to pick out his favorite ice cream flavor. Would it have been strawberry? It would have probably been chocolate. Kids like chocolate. I pictured him handing a shekal to the shop owner and leaving to enjoy his treat. But this infant – and the four other children now around him – will never know that where they lay is an ice cream fridge and not a fridge in a morgue.

The morgues in Gaza are full. Images are going viral online of bodies lying on the floors of hospitals waiting to be buried. Some bodies don’t have anyone they know to bury them – for they too are looking to be buried. Some bodies aren’t capable of being identified. Some bodies aren’t “full bodies.” They are pieces.

The number of killed keeps increasing. The news channels I am watching are keeping score…of the bodies recovered from the rubble. God knows how much are still under the mess. When the attacks on Gaza started, the names of each person murdered were added to this list going viral on social media, and they were placed in the fridges in an actual morgue. Now, after 1800+ killed in cold blood, a few names appear here and there, and ice cream fridges are being used.

When will the world see that today – in the 21st century – a genocide is being committed where ice cream fridges are used to hold the bodies of innocent children?


One thought on “Ice cream Fridges & Morgues: Reflections of A Person Not From Gaza pt.7

  1. While we wax eloquently about our technological progress, human beings, particularly those who choose to become political and military “leaders” have not progressed past the stone ages. The lack of compassion, the hatred, greed, racism, and bigotry that feeds this genocide and created the apartheid state of Gaza is just one of the many places on this planet where the innocent are being released from lives that are not free and fulfilling. I pray daily for the end of the bombing, the end of the blockade, and a miracle of compassion and justice to rise in the hearts of Israelis and Hamas. Someday. . .

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