When The Faces Stick: Reflections of A Person Not From Gaza Pt. 2

One of my siblings came to me last night holding an iPod. “Did you see this? Look,” he said, as his put the iPod in front of me.
It was a picture, one I have already seen it three days before. It was the picture of a little girl – only months old – named Jinan, who was martyred in Gaza due to the impacts of the bombings that have been going on there for six days now.
“She’s the youngest martyr in Gaza, you know that?” He informed me. I did know that. Seeing her small face so peaceful, her head wrapped with a piece of white cloth and her tiny arms wrapped as her fists were closed tightly, I bit my lip to hold back the tears. She looked like she was sleeping.
“Why are her arms tied like that?” He asked me.
“Because they are going to bury her…” Jinan’s face will forever be engraved in my mind just like Saji Darwish’s, Nadeem Nowarah’s, Mohammad Aldurra, and Mohammad AbuKhedier’s faces. (Google images: youngest martyr in Gaza).
I have been in front of the TV lately watching the news feeling helpless. Sometimes, I feel like I am a zombie, watching the images, seeing the blood, looking at the smoked sky that is being broadcasted, listening to people come and talk at the news station, and swearing in my head at politicians who are swearing that they are doing everything they could to stop the “fire.” It isn’t merely fire, guys. Don’t listen to CNN.
Even when I switch the channel to some other one, I’m not paying attention to the re-run of “The Vampire Diaries” or “Gossip Girl.” I’m constantly thinking, did they stop? Did anyone else die? Did the number of injured increase? Is someone speaking up? I go back to the news channel. Just now, as eighteen more civilians were martyred in a mosque during prayer, the news broadcaster gave out an audible sigh before delivering the news to those watching. Even he’s sick of counting.

Today is the sixth day that Gaza has been under a siege/war/whatever you want to call it. Today is the sixth day that the people of Gaza are being massacred with the whole world watching and not doing much. Today is the sixth day where many people are still ignorant to this fact and think that “Israel” is “defending itself.” More children are losing their lives, their families, and their childhood.

My youngest sibling came up to me and asked, “Why are they dying, those kids? Were they bad?”
I immediately switched the channel.
“No, no. They weren’t bad. It’s just…”
Their deaths are the result of a blind and deaf world…but how do you explain that to a child?


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