Reflections of A Person Not From Gaza

I was sitting in Baladana Ice Cream shop today when the channels switched from MBC’s Bab AlHarra to Falatine’s news broadcast. The TV was muted, and I watched the reporter standing in front of a dark area, lighted here and there. He was standing in front of Gaza and reporting on the airstrikes that have been going on since yesterday. I read the news headline. “19 Martyred from Israeli airstrikes and tens injured.” Jesus. An image of one of the martyrs came up on screen where his body was covered in bloody sheets and his face was smugged with blood. I felt a knot form in my stomach. I stared at the TV screen almost completely absorbed by it until one of the shop owners changed the channel back to MBC which was now showing “Sarayaa Abdeen.”
I walked out of the shop,trying to shake the images out of my head, and I came across a small protest making their way around the city. I began to walk a little slower to hear what they were chanting, and I must say, I felt a slight moment of joy – if that’s the right word- to hear their words. “Our leadership is cowardice! With their security coordination [with Israel], they are traitors.” God, yes.
Every corner I turned, a TV, a car radio, a cellphone conversation, and even sometimes a computer had live news broadcasting about Gaza…the airstrikes were increasing. The number of martyrs increased. The number of injured increased.
When I got home, I turned the TV on to Falastine channel to a live news broadcast of Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the people of Occupia, who was giving a speech off a few pieces of paper about how “sorry” he was. Last time I checked, sincere words come from the heart…not a pity speech on pieces of paper.
I’m seeing the same hashtags I saw in 2008-2009 and in 2012. I’m seeing the same prayers. I’m seeing the same fear, similar gory images, racist comments, ignorant comments, biased media, the same this and that…this and that. I do see some sparks of unity though.
I will ask all the readers of this – as others have asked before me – to make a prayer for the people of Gaza and Palestine. However, I ask you, the reader, inform people what mass media isn’t doing a good job at informing. I ask you to flip your products and make sure you are not supporting these airstrikes.
As the world cup games are playing tonight, let the world know something else is playing: the loud sounds of drones and rockets, the cries of scared children, the fear and pounding hearts of mothers and fathers, the sorrow of the elderly who will surely not see a free country of Palestine in their time, the prayers of mosques and churches, and the chants of a people who are just sick of occupation. Now, those are the sounds that should speak louder to the world,louder than our cheers for Germany, Brazil or whoever…but for some reason, they just aren’t.


5 thoughts on “Reflections of A Person Not From Gaza

  1. O God, This is serious!
    I am not in those countries but i can feel the pains in the words written and the photos, O the photos are unimaginable! , its all over. Facebook status, tweets, news headlines …. !
    Though i’ve been hearing of this attacks and stuffs like that but this one got to me and i still cant believe sometin this bizarre is happening nd people got so emotional over the football match! Thanks for lending a voice, this is actually what i believe in. We can all lend a voice from every corner of the world!
    God help the situation, this is serious!

  2. Reblogged this on BlessedMuslimFamily's Blog and commented:
    And i cant believe that something this bizarre is happening and people got so emotinal over the football match! SubhanAllah!
    Lend a voice, if you’ve got keyboards in front of you, use it. Or better still raise your voice in dua. Allah is the strongest and the fastest link that connects us to the world in a blink! Think… Of the innocent souls, the little kids with no where to go, think..!

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