The Food Chains that Chained Us

Today, as a few collaegues of mine and I sat near the tip of a mountain after a short hike discussing organic foods and faceless economies, a memory of mine was triggered. 

“There’s no Burger King?”

“No McDonald’s?” 

“Then what the heck do they have there?” 

Oblivious to the fact that Occupia is the “backyard” to the West and Israel – as our leader on the hiking trail put it, these were a few of the many inquiries my brother and I made when we learned we were coming to Occupia* to reside for a while – a long while at that. We had yet to taste Abu Skandar’s shawera or that falafel shop on the corner. I had yet to realize how politics, nutrition, and the fact that I am a Occupied person play a role in this. 

My school used to take us on trips to the Occupiers side, and everything from Burger King to all those food chains my brother and I were so used to seeing in the States were there. I thought of it to be a little America. I mean, it had everything America had, right? Why didn’t we have it here, on the Occupied’s side? That question lingered in the air until a friend of mine told us her family was planning on opening a KFC. I believe the rumor spread around for two years- if not more- until it finally opened, along with Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. (Now, it is not that I don’t make an occasional stop at these fast food chains. I do).

However, listening to the leader of the hike discuss the importance of organic food and healthy eating and how it helps the enviornment, I could not help but marvel – and get really angry – at how the world’s politics work out. 

The Occupied are indeed the Occupiers’ backyard. The Occupiers take the good – as now they turn to healthy foods and what not – and leave the Occupied with the bad stuff – the unhealthy food chains, for one, so the Occupied can think, “Well, we’re developing,” as a country, as a people. 

But are we really? 




3 thoughts on “The Food Chains that Chained Us

  1. I’ve never been there to have a first hand experience, but it seems like more trickery masked as an illusion from the politicized chokehold.

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