On The Way You Resist

This is going to be really short, shorter than any other post I have ever written. 

I was reading a lot of “noisemakers” on Facebook yesterday, and a lot pertained to Saji Darwish, a sophmore at Birzeit University who was murdered in cold blood by the IOF. Yet, there were even some saying things like, “If you are a true Palestinian” or “Come out and resist or don’t come out at all.” 

I would like to say that resistance comes in many forms. Some are resisting on checkpoints. Some are resisting online – by spreading the word. Some are resisting through music. Some are resisting through writing. Some are resisting in their everyday lives, and it is all resistance. Not one tops the other. They all go hand in hand. With one you need the other. 

As long as we, Palestinians, don’t give up. That’s the thing. If we give up, if we denounce any form of resistance, we get caught up in unnecessary drama, and if we do that, who is going to fight for us instead? 



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