The Bank.

The bank is one of those places you walk into and have the cool rush into your face. Unlike the smokey air that fills hundreds of other buildings in Occupia, the bank is one of the few places I have been to and smelled fresh air. After I got my number, I sat on the last bench and waited, among nine others, for the digital screen to flash my two digits. I looked around and observed my surroundings because if you haven’t noticed yet, dear readers, that is what I do when I’m not around anyone I know. I observe.

This bank always has the same three employees on counters one, two, and five, and these counters are the only ones working. Today, things were going quickly, and there weren’t much people, but imagine three working counters when the chairs are filled with waiting people as well as people standing all the way outside of the bank waiting! I still don’t know what happened to the employees on counter three and four, but they should know they are needed.

The bank is one of those places that have a diversity of people. You have the people working there, in their suits or casual clothes, bored out of their minds or as chilled out as can be. You have the people walking in, pressing the machine, and getting their number. You have  those that get tired of waiting and leave. You have the nosey person who wants to know your life story. You have people counting money, and inevitably, you have someone scratching his or her head.

All of this made me think of a research paper I did two semesters ago about media and the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I thought of the 99% and the 1% and my mind drifted. What happens on the inside? What happens behind those bolted doors? What happens behind the doors of conference rooms when it comes to the people’s finances? Where does the people’s money go – be it that of the middle-class workers, students in a university, or in general, those that go on strike?

As I leave, I think, here I am, among people I know nothing about except the fact that they are people in a bank doing their business probably wondering about the same thing: where does the money go?


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