2014, you’re even. Be even.

2014, you’re even, so be that way. Give everyone their share of homes, food, clothes, family, friends, relaxation, love, and happiness. We ask every year to do it, and sometimes, it does, and at other times, it doesn’t, so we begin counting down to the New Year before anyone knows it. That’s why we asked 2013 not to be a jerk, and we’re asking you to be even. 

I am thankful for this past year, and this year, I hope to learn more and more about everything and anything, which is impossible, but if it’s a resolution I’m planning to stick to for years to come, then I’ll get somewhere near learning random facts and mumbling them while eating at lunch. 

I think “learning” is the resolution to go with. If we plan on not planning anymore, it’s because we learned that plans don’t always work out. If we plan on going to the gym to lose weight, it’s probably because we learned that some foods are healthy and some are not. If we plan on reading more books, it’s probably because we discovered the power of them. If we plan on doing well in school, it’s probably because we realized we needed to get into college or we needed to graduate. By learning, we put those resolutions and many more, and learning is….well, it’s inevitable. 

This year, I hope everyone gets what they long for, what they’ve worked for, and what they’ve dedicated their lives for.  

 I’ve never favored even numbers. When asked to pick a number on those paper fortune tellers, I usually pick an odd number. 2014, only one hour and twenty minutes away, is an even number, a number everyone, including I, hopes to enjoy. 





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