Now You See Her, Now You Don’t.

 Living on the ends of the world, Harb* and Salam* never thought they would meet. They’ve heard of each other, of course, but they never thought they’d ever come face-to-face, but Qadar* would have it no other way. Salam, floating in the sky, hoped she’d never encounter Harb. Harb, buried deep in the Earth, deep in evil’s mind, longed to meet Salam. For if they met, he would finally appear to everyone, and at that very instant, Salam would disappear. They were opposites, like wavelengths on the opposite sides of the scale.

 Indeed, they were opposites, but they shared the fact that they belonged to a “trigger” that would activate their superpower. Whoever of them possesses this “trigger” appears to everyone forcing the other one to disappear. Luckily for most people, Salam held the “trigger” in her soft hands, appearing to everyone all the time. It was during this time that Harb was planning his grand entrance with the help of the evil in the world.

     Anyone who met Salam would tell you that she is beautiful. The way she would walk in those light colored gowns of her, shining her bright smile at everyone would make anyone that was feeling down feel up again. Her long hair was always loose over her shoulders brushed by the wind and her radiant eyes shone so bright that they may be mistaken for the moon. It was she who filled the world with such grace and truth. Everyone greeted her, loved her, and wanted her, and those who had her wanted to keep her forever.

     Harb’s face was as white as ice filled with the thought and rage of an insomniac, an insomniac who hasn’t slept in decades, and in the structure of this face were eyes dark and red. He watched Salam from where he was, and he saw how people were taking advantage of her. He saw people forgetting things that they should remember and ignoring things that they should pay attention to. Furthermore, he saw the “trigger” in her hand. Harb decided he wanted to take Salam away from the people. If they wanted her, they had to fight because that is what she is worth…a fight.

    On some late nights, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning over a cup of tea or during the lazy hours in the afternoon, Harb lurked around waiting to take Salam. When he finally decided to enter with a big BOOM!, he took the
“trigger” from Salam, roaring to everyone at the top of his lungs, “Now you see her, and now you don’t.”

 *Harb, Salam, and Qadar are Arabic words which mean  war, peace, and destiny, respectively.



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