Beyond What We Notice.

At one point or the other, I presume we’ve all wondered if what we notice is noticed by the people around us and if whatever we’ve just noticed has been noticed by the person it was meant to be noticed by. 

A week ago, on my way to my university campus – just a hill before it, I noticed something on an advertisement for the Arab Bank (or was it Cairo- Amman bank?). Anyways, the billboard is a few meters above the ground, and you could see just as you turned the corner, right there up in the air. That’s when I began wondering how what I noticed got up there. After going through the possiblities of this being a college student crazy about someone putting up a ladder and spraying the message or someone with a tractor or some machine being paid to write it, the message up there was simply driven by love. 

What I noticed was a simple “Happy birthday, my love” on the bottom left corner of the billboard, and now, I can’t help but notice it everyday. 

I looked around to see if any one of the seven people in the taxi noticed, but either they were emersed in technology, yawning, driving, or simply not paying attention. 

Of course there’s a huge chance someone else noticed it, and perhaps, even the person that it was meant for saw it, too. 

However, what is different is what happens in each individual mind after each person notices it. They notice the same thing, but each has their own thoughts to formulate about it. I couldn’t help but grin at the idea of someone risking an arm, leg or back to write a simple message for someone they love. Someone else would probably think, “What an idiot!” 

It’s a small world, yet it is very enormous when we begin to think about the things we notice. 



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