You Can’t Hear It

But it’s there.

At the precise moment the photo at the bottom was taken, there were three things I heard around me, and they had me thinking “Imagine if we took a moment to recall what was going around a photo other than the photo itself.”

The call for the fourth prayer for Muslims is playing loudly from the mosques around, filling the sky and pouring through the windows of people’s homes and offices. The call holds the name of God and the name of the prophet (PBUH), and it is something I’ve heard for around 95% of the days of the past ten years. It’s the one thing that is added to the atmosphere here in Occupia that wasn’t included in the first place I grew up. You can’t hear it, but it’s there.

Behind me, as I take this photograph, there are children yelling out their game spirit, and as the soccer ball rolls on the asphalt and bounces, the children seem to not have a care in the world. You can’t hear them, but they’re there.

Around me, there’s the sound of something most of us probably hear year round, but I dare to think that it is a sound we rarely listen to. It is the sound of wind being blown down through that opening in the sky and carried with the tens of clouds around the city.It’s the sound of my hand going through my hair that has been witness to the wind’s chaos. It is the sound of leaves brushing against each other, making their own melody. You can’t hear any of this, but it’s there right in the heart and spreading to the corners of the picture.

With photographs, thought is put into the art of the picture. We admire the setting and the view that has been captured. We smile at the moment the picture has been taken if we were there when it was taken, and we imagine what could’ve happened if we weren’t. The one thing we probably don’t care to think of at that moment or while looking at photos is the sounds that were around. You can’t hear them, but the sounds are there.

Perhaps, that is why they created the “Video camera.”



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