No Alphabet


            Without the alphabet, I would not be able to write this or anything I enjoy writing, in fact. This page and every other page of any book would be blank. Shakespeare’s plays, Ernest Hemmingway’s poetry, Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry, Ghassan Kanafani’s stories would not exist on papers. They would exist in people’s minds, but what if people forget? We would only have white sheets of nothing.

  This computer would not operate because a certain code would be needed to start the code, and those codes probably consist of many, many numbers and letters. The same things would go on with your cellphones and television sets, radios, and every other thing you can think of. Even if they did operate, you won’t be able to read instructions on how to make certain things work.

          Would we be able to speak without the alphabet? The consonants, the vowels…none of it would be around.

  For that is why we are taught the alphabet when we walk into first grade, whether it is the English, Greek, or the Arabic alphabet. The beauty of the alphabet is that it creates our world or rather, it creates our diverse worlds. Without the alphabet, a whole form of freedom of expression would be lost, and with that, the world would be much, much quieter.

For better or for worse, we’ll never know.             


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