We’re Afraid to Admit It.

As I was looking outside of my bedroom window recalling the events of the day, I saw a light shoot into the sky. It went right into the middle and twinkled like a star over a city lit by hundreds of thousands of lights, a city I am not “allowed” to enter. The light remained shining above until it died out. My mind wandered, and I began to think. Did anyone on that side just see that light? What was that person thinking of as the light floated there?  Is that person thinking of words he/she heard or said today? Why?

It’s probably because words change us. 

What’s that saying? “Actions speak louder than words”? Well, they do, but words…the impact of them hits us harder. When someone says “I promise,” there may be a sense of hope instilled. When someone says “I hope to one day,” there may be a moment of fearlessness. When someone says “I love,” there may be a time of happiness. When someone says “I forgive,” there may be a weight lifted off one’s shoulders. When someone says “I hate” or “I’m sorry,” that may be a heartbreak waiting to happen. 

As much as we’d like to see actions: a promise fulfilled, a dream made true, a life full of love -away from hatred and sorrow-  and some mercy shining down, once words like that are uttered, something changes. Something happens. We feel something. Sometimes, it is good, and at other times, you wish you never heard them or said them. 

Even when the words we desperately want out there don’t come out, they have some kind of control over us. Some of us begin to watch our moves. Some of us make some decisions that we probably wouldn’t have made otherwise. Some of us just lose power and turn to other people’s words in music, movies and books. 

And don’t tell me those words don’t change things, even if it’s the slightest thing like wanting to write your own darn book! Think about it. Why on Earth would we go google quotes from our favorite movies and post them on social networks? They meant something to us. They did something to us. 

 When I first realized that words can change us, I realized I wanted to write some more. There were words I said and wish I hadn’t, so I’d take them back once they were on paper. There were words I never said and wish I had, so I createD characters and stories and put the words into the mouths and minds of these characters. 

So maybe we want presidents and officials to stop their talk and get on their feet, and  maybe we want that person we love to shut up and kiss us, and maybe, just maybe, we want that character from our favorite novel to come to life and show us the way he/she had found, but you have to admit something. Their words made us feel something. 

I wonder if that person watching the light die out would agree. I wonder if that person is thinking about things that’ll lead him/her to this conclusion: words change us. We know it, but we are so damn afraid to admit it. 

I wonder if anyone saw the light to begin with. 


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