One Toe At a Time.

When I was five years old, I wore a floaty, stood by the side of the pool, and watched as my cousins and friends swam happily (some were in floaties, too). I put my big toe in the water occasionly to feel the water, but I was just scared. My mother, aunts, and even the kids in the pool were encourgaing me to get in. 

“You won’t drown!” They told me.

“Feel the water!” My mother exclaimed.  

“It’s fun!” 

“Come on!” 

They splashed some water my way, and I immediately backed away. I did not know I was backing away into my friend’s mother’s arms who decided to pick me up and throw me into the pool. If I knew what a heart attack was back then, I would imagine I had a mini one. 

“See, it’s not so bad,” she told me in Arabic. It wasn’t. I was having fun, and before I knew it, I didn’t want to get out of the pool. 

The older you get, the more you realize you’ll get more of that “pool” or ocean you were once afraid of. You would have to decide whether to take a risk and go for it or to back away. 

One of my good friends had me thinking of this tonight. Sometimes, we catch ourselves tangled in a bunch of different things that we worry and forget it is all about focusing and taking it step by step. We think it’s either “do or don’t.” Sometimes, we want to do it all or not do anything because it scares us (I may be generalizing with the “We”, but you know what I mean). Sometimes, we imagine things would fall into place on their own.

At times, I think like that, but tonight is different. The Holy Quran is sitting on my desk next to me and had me thinking, That didn’t happen over night. That happened in the course of years, a verse at a time. Here it is around a thousand years later with over hundreds of thousands of people reciting the words. That didn’t happen over night, either. 

You could be as indecisive and impatient as I am or a person that has the next twenty years planned and so laid back, but there’s a “pool” we’re all afraid of out there somewhere. We just need to learn to take it step by step, brick by brick…We need to put in one toe at a time. 




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