A Biography By Many!

Consider it is the end of your life, and you know it, and it is a scray feeling because you are not one hundred percent sure what comes after. All you do know is that you want to leave a mark on this Earth, even if it is just building a beautiful house for generations to come. You think about it some more, and well, you want people to know who you were and why you are building this house for generations to come. Aha! What about a biography? 

You are not going to write your own biography. Besides, you probably forgot some of those moments that meant the world to you when you were a teen. It is sad, but life and all the things it throws at you over the years will probably make you forget some of the good stuff, and even if you remembered the good stuff, you would probably leave out hilarious, oh-my-why moments from your biography. That is why questions like, “Who would you want to write your biography?” come up. 

Throughout the phases of my life, I have had certain people around me. Yes, yes, of course there are people that are inevitably always around (and for the most part, I am thankful they are), but at times, there are just these certain people that know pretty much everything about you in that phase, like the moving to Occupia* phase, high school phase, college phase, etc for myself. What I would want is those people, the ones that I shared most of my concerns, laughter, tears, failures, successes, and love with to write my biography. If you have not understood: I want my biography to be written by more that one person….a person or persons for each phase. Write it all (but leave out awkward moments and slap-on-the-head details). It would be an interesting biography even if my life was boring. Imagine! A bunch of different people writing about your life…Scary but fun.

It took me a day to think about it, but I guess if it ever came down to it, that is how I would want things to go. Who knows us more than ourselves? Probably no one. Who knows us close enough? Those people….the ones that went through each phase with you. 



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