The “Different” In the “Same Ol’ Thing.”

As the teacher wrote down the list of topics they may use to write their research papers, the students looked at her and sighed. 

“We’ve done those before,” one student sighed. 

“Those are so cliche- like topics,” another one said. 

“So much has been written about all those topics,” the student in the back said. 

“We want something else!” 

I cannot tell you how many times I have been through such a similar scenario. When I was a little kid, I thought that maybe the teachers were running out of topics to give. Or maybe those topics were supposed to make us into “big” kids. Or maybe we were going to be quizzed on such topics in college. Or maybe it’s to keep on repeating keywords like freedom, light, evil, or hope. Or maybe those topics are super important that they need to be talked and written about over and over so they can stick in our heads (and if the only way for people to get up and do something about such matters is through repeating the list of topics over and over, then so be it). Or maybe the teachers were actually running out of topics to give. 

Sometimes, I do not know what it is, even now. Though there are times where I find my mind taking these talked-about-too-much topics and taking a look at them from a different perspective. Perhaps, that is the reason: for the individual to see the “different” in the “same ol’ thing.” 



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