And It Still Sings.

Ever thought of something – something that is not real but would be hilarious if it were to become real- and it somehow did? I’m not even talking about the I-want-to-meet-Johnny-Depp scenarios that one would wish to come true; just some story you wrote and somehow proved that weird things do happen…like animals that are not normally found in a normal neighborhood appear to be found there. Well, in February, I wrote a nanofiction story titled Why Josabutte Slept Forever. It is a story of fifty-five words about a boy who could not sleep because of his neighbor’s elephant’s trumpet. A few months later, I was going slightly through the same thing, except I was sleeping, waking up early, and occasionally having my heart skip a beat while I am in the middle of day dreaming. 

Around a month ago, I woke up very early. I was not awakened by the nerves of a final exam, or needing to use the restroom or wanting to drink water or anything of the sort. I woke up because I heard a strange noise, a noise I never recall hearing before. I mean it sounded familiar, but it was so different at the same time. 

At first, I thought it was a really loud cat, and when I say ‘really’, I mean it was as if the cat screamed through a microphone. When I kept hearing the noise, I ruled that choice out. If it was a cat, I’m pretty sure a dog would have barked at it louder. 

It was not a chicken. Chickens don’t sound like that. Actually, come to think of it, I have not heard the chickens that are owned by the people that live two streets away in a while. Maybe they still do their morning calls, but that noise is too loud, overriding all others. 

i thought of all the different animals that could be around this place: sheep, dogs, pigeons, cows, etc., but I knew all of them did not make this weird, loud, and clear sound. 

It wasn’t until one evening I heard it again as I was studying. 

What the heck is that? I thought, and to answer this thought, I heard my uncle telling his son outside, “That’s a peacock, my boy.” 





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