To My Moon Comrade, Myasar.

I still cannot believe you no longer live around an hour away from me. I have picked up my cellphone countless times yesterday morning to text you things beginning with “Did I ever tell you,” but then I remember you are probably on your way to Allenby Bridge. I have a grin on my face right now because every time I remember that you are probably on that horrible vacation stop, I imagine you taking care of your family and making sure you are missing nothing whereas if I were there, I would probably be pissed off at the world, and I’d show it, too. I imagine your sister, too, and that is where I begin to laugh because I am going to miss her eccentric and lovable self around campus.


I was not sure whether to mail this you the old-fashioned way, where you would receive an envelope with a pretty stamp in about a month (& I will be waiting for yours) or to post it on my blog for everyone to see. I chose the latter not only because I promised you that I would dedicate a long post to you one day, but because I think I am not the only one out there who has had people come into their lives and leave a mark and then travel halfway across the world where we would be bound by technology until the next time we see each other and this is a reminder for everyone. Then again, I also chose the latter because let’s face it, only a few days ago I asked you “Is the post office by the post office?”

 I look back at the past two years and see how my perspective has changed. I went to college with a mindset that had me ready to hate the university I was about to enter and not make any friends, and I think that was the first idea you heard come out of me. I was pissed off, hungry, and cursing everything under my breath- and out loud. You were…bubbly, content, and excited. You even told me that this was going to be a cool place. “We’re on a mountain.” Two years later, you showed me that we can see Tel Al-Rabi’ and Jerusalem.  Every time I feel sad or mad, I will remember that we are on a mountain.

 We sat in front of the science building on our first day of school and got to know each other. Give it a couple of months, and we were already making plans that other people thought were ridiculous. We managed to take at least one class per semester together (and sometimes more), and when our writing teacher would split us up, well, I did not like that, but we had to deal, didn’t we?

 As I went around campus trying to find something I wanted to do, you and our other great friend Reema (who will be held hostage in one of our plans) were right there next to me. You made sure I did not lose hope and kept going. You – both of you- helped me see the strength and tolerance I had. Behind councelors doors, heads of departments and deans’ offices, you came along with me. I would have not done it without you, the both of you. Thank you.

The majority of my breaks were spent with you so the next couple of years will be strange, but then again, two nights ago we talked about it and said that we would record the moments that are most peculiar, interesting, and entertaining and go over them later on. We wanted to spend those breaks studying, and I would say that “studying” worked out five percent of the time. We spent them talking about life, how our classes went, what’s-around-town kind of talks, and those will be deeply missed. Even if sometimes they seemed to be “whatever” conversations, I learned a lot from them. I hope you did, too. And in those two-hour classes we had together, I was glad I had you as company.I was also glad you would walk me all the way to class – partly because I nagged you into doing so, but whatever. 

 I say ridiculous things sometimes, and I complain about matters, and at times, I try to say things, but I do not know how to put in words, and yet you know what I want to say, and you understand me. You are my “better half” as our writing professor put it.

You were the first person that ever noticed I was a “cat”, and for those of you reading this and cannot make the connection, according to her and friends that have began to agree, I am not big on public display of affection, and I do not share much of my feelings. I do see the connection. Thanks for…psychoanalyzing me?

 As I am surrounded by my super loud family- and I am writing this in a loud area  so I would not cry, I think of the past two years and tear up but smile. It was such a journey! We may have not done everything we wanted to do on our list, but if I get around to it, I’ll record the trip, take a picture and photo-shop you into it…or you can photo-shop yourself since you have exceptionally great skills when it comes to that, and no, I am not being sarcastic…maybe just a little. I look back, and I think had I not have gotten into the Arts college at first and then moved, we would not have met that day on orientation. You know how they say every thing happens for a reason? It sure does.

 You have probably glanced at the dull mountains of Jericho, which begin to seem not so dull when you start having flashbacks and thoughts about things…unless you slept, but nevertheless, I think you know what I mean. I hope you have realized the strength that is in you because God knows that I have seen it. When you came here, you left behind – from what you told me – an incredible support group, but remember that leaving Occupia*, you are not only returning to that support group, but you have also left with one more…us, your people here.

Your family and friends are lucky to have you. That seems to be written on every greeting card out there, but I cannot put it better. Actually, I just challenged myself. I can put it better. Without you…………………………………There. We would be dull, and the world would be missing some awesome hugs. Remember that if you need me to stay up while you work on future research papers, I will be checking my phone and staying up with you… or you can sleep and wake up the next day and do it. Wait, I would be awake because of the time difference. Well, look at that.

 You are not the first person – close person/friend-  to move away from this place but walking home after we said “see-you-later” I thought that you would be the last person I would ever become close to, but I know life is not like that. Still, like every person that comes along, you are one of a kind, and whatever people I will meet in the future, you’re something else.  (Look at that. I am showing feelings in public).

 Thank you for everything. Thank you for listening to my annoying rants and complaints. Thank you for calming me down when I worry. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for making me look forward to every day at our university these past two years. Thank you for changing my perspective on things. Thank you for making me impatient the last few minutes in class so I can meet up with you and tell you some story. Thank you for reading my stories. Thank you for starting that other blog with me (“What If I Was”). Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for standing behind every door with me. Thank you for deciding to be my friend.  God only knows how glad I am that I met you.

 You’ve probably reached there by now, if I have the time difference right, which you and I know that I most likely do not. You are better at calculating this more than I am. Anyways, I hope you look back at these two years and realize they happened for a reason. We may not know why and we probably have the urge to curse these two years sometimes, but I believe that one day we will know. Good luck with all that you’re going to do, and remember that you CAN do it. You can do anything you want only if you have the will and the determination to do it. I see that you do, and I think it is about time you see it, too.

 Myasar, know that when you look at the moon, I had looked at it a few hours before and smiled. Wherever we’ll go, the moon will always be there to remind us of this friendship (and our plan to rule the universe)– not that we need a reminder because we’re cool like that. The moon will always be there, and we will forever shoot for the stars. I love you, my friend, and I miss you more and more each second till we meet again.  


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