It’s a Text, Text World in a Tech, Tech Universe


“Hash, you aren’t too big on PDA.” I have been getting that a lot. One of my friends compared me to a cat, and at first, I wasn’t too fond of the idea, but after I was Garfield in A Tail of Two Kitties I understand what they are talking about. I probably don’t give out too much display of affection, but I do write it out, like on here, for instance, thanks to our new tech universe. My friends would tell you that I add “This doesn’t leave this message” when I do say something mushy and feelings all over the place. I may be a little bit more “mushier” while writing or behind a computer screen, but I am still me. Just think of Garfield. 

On my way to university the other day, I could not help but notice how technologized this world is. We are seven in the taxi, and, I kid you not, cellphones were going off the whole fifteen minute ride. The guy in front of my got a phone call. The other two were listening to music on their phones. I was just sitting there, looking at my cellphone. The girls next to me kept getting text messages, and they spent the ride texting back because that is the thing to do. Are those people different people behind their computer screens and tiny touch screen  cellphones? They probably are…just a tad bit. 

The fact is things are a little less embarrasing when you text the person. For instance, if you are ignoring this person, it would certainly be rude to see that person face to face and turn away. Whereas if you recieved a text message or an online IM, you see it, you ignore it, and no one has to ever know [except that new thing on Facebook that gives you a check mark and ‘Seen at 2:00’]. 

That’s just one example, anyways, as to how technology would make some people act. 

And that, my fellow friends, is the world we live in. We can’t suck it up and do it face to face so we go behind our computer screens, form block lists, write love letters, repost blogs…BUT we’re all trying to say something, so we should keep saying it in whichever way makes us comfortable. The tech universe is just trying to make things a little bit easier.




3 thoughts on “It’s a Text, Text World in a Tech, Tech Universe

  1. What you describe, I see all the time at restaurants, couples enthralled with their phones, not talking with each other. I think it’s really bad in America.

    This one’s short….about my husband:

    And in case you want to finish the series. Thanks for your time, and I look fwd to seeing where you go on your journey:

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