A Strange Encounter With a Stranger in the French Quarter

Have you ever had any of those encounters with a person you know nothing about and thought to yourself, Wow? I have had those kind of moments, but in responding to the Daily Prompt, I pick this one.


New Orleans is known for its diversity, and I think that is why I like that city. My favorite spot is the French Quarter. Besides the humid weather and fishy-smell when it rains, there is something about the sound of jazz, the art, the shops and the creativeness that keeps me dreaming when I am there and even when I think about the place.


My mother and I were walking in the French Quarter, when we stopped where the “Free Market” was. I have to tell you, you always find something funky there. My mother was looking at some things, and I was standing around. I hear a man talking to these two women. He was telling them about their lives, and they were laughing with thrill and excitement at the man. “Oh, how did you know?” They were saying. At this, I smiled and thought to myself, Oh man, how did he know?

He saw me smiling at this meeting and the two women that passed, and all of a sudden, he began approaching me.

“Hello young lady,” he said. He was wearing a colorful cap with a necklace around his neck, a shirt and beige pants.

“Hello,” I replied.

“You are from Palestine, yes?”

            I was astonished. How did he know this?  I wasn’t wearing any ‘Free Palestine!’ shirt, necklace, or bracelet.

“Yeah, I am from Palestine,” I replied, smiling, wondering what else this man knew.

“From Ramallah?”

“Yeah…well nearby.”


Good God..

“Do you have an ancestors from Jaffa?” he asked, smiling, appearing to be amused by my facial expression.

“Not that I know of,” I replied, equally amused.

“You should check that fact out,” he said, and turned around and walked away.

            I should check that fact out now that I remember. It seems like this encounter occurred yesterday, and I did tell a few of my friends about it because it is entertaining and incredible!

            Sometimes, you meet a stranger and the memory sticks with you. There is no surprise if you ever go to New Orleans and encounter a stranger like this.


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