“Well, That Isn’t Very Nice.”

I don’t know about you, but when I read an article that is written by author, let’s say, X, as a counter-argument to writer Y, I am entertained! It is not just the ideas that are presented or the arguments that are made, but it is the fact that they type in things like “Well, maybe Y should rethink what he said in his article about the issue” that have me thinking: what is Y actually thinking after reading this? 

I was reading an article about the impact of social media on the Occupy movement for a research paper I am working on that went along those lines. The writer of this article (which is, by the way, found on Huffingtonpost) had mentioned another writier’s article (which is found in The New Yorker) and how that writer should rethink what he said. That is when I began grinning and thinking. 

What did this writer think after reading the article that is questioning his ideas and thoughts? I imagine him or anyone that has been written about to have read the article late at night, grinned at the computer screen, and sai in a mumble, “Well, that isn’t very nice.” 

Really, what I am doing is speculating as how things would go. If, for example, someone were to read my article, and write another article saying that I should rethink what I just said, I would probably, at first, curse the person under my breath and mumble along, “We’ll, that isn’t very nice.” Then, I would pick up the telephone and call a close friend, and say, “Did you see what he/she just told me to do? Oh, heck no.” 

Who said writers were all quiet and in their own place all the time and have no life, anyways? If that is what you think of us, well, that isn’t very nice. 


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