When The L-word Becomes Dangerous.

“You can deny it all you want,” said Love. “I’ve knocked on your door, and at least once,  you have answered.” 

I imagine that that is what Love would tell each and everyone one of us if it was able to speak. Word has it that love is something abstract; something we cannot touch. But if we let it and watch our surroundings carefully, it is something we can damn right see with our two eyes and feel with our -not 100%- pure hearts. It seems like a nice emotion to feel when you meet the person of your dreams or win a prize or when you are around family you love. It seems like a nice “slideshow” to watch when you watch other people in this situation, but has it ever occured to any of us that the L-word can be dangerous?

The moment a tear rolls down a mother’s cheek seeing her newborn, there is love. Though, she went through hours of labor – not to mention 9 months of God knows what before that. She underwent a process that is terribly beautiful only to see the love she has dreamt of since the moment the pregnancy test told her she was going to have a baby. It could have cost her her life, but she did it anyways. That is something. Reckless, fearless, dangerous love. Is it not?

Love for food can lead to obesity.

Love for pleasing everyone can lead to depression.

Love for being on top can lead to a great fall.


Love for materialistic things can lead to selfishness.

Love for nothing can lead to no life.

Love for something outside the norm can lead to expulsion. 

Love for someone that one shouldn’t love can lead to a broken heart.

Love for a country can lead to war. 

Love for a family, a friend, a lover can lead to doing anything for them. 

(I would go into the process of explaining how each one does this, but I will leave that up to your imagination and thoughts).

Where is the danger? It is not mere health problems and politics. All that love, like the love i mentioned above, in the end, could lead to blindness to what is around us other than love. When people are blind – metaphorically- reckless things are done. 

When love come knocking on your doors, be it the door of a mother and family, a lover, a dreamer, a patriot or anyone for that matter, it knocks hard. Whether you like it or not, it manages to enter. It enters and settles  – although, some would say your mind – in your heart. As your heart pumps blood, it fills your veins and it is supplied throughout your whole body. 

It may be nice, and it may feel good, but for all you know, that Love that you nourished your veins with is poisionous with recklessness, fearlessness, and revenge just like that of a loving mother. 






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