When Stranded, Look For A Bakery!

“May I please use your phone?” 

The man looks at me in confusion. 

Your phone?” I put my hand next to my ear, hoping that he would finally get that I needed a phone to call someone and tell him or her that I am in a city that I have never been to, with no money, and no one I know around me. Maybe they would come to my rescue.

Now that I think of it and imaging how this would go, I think I would skip the “searching for a phone” for a bit. Come on! There needs to be some “Holden Caulfield” exploration (minus the bar scenes and prostitues).

What would I do? I would try to make friends with friendly-looking people. Maybe I would enter a bakery or something (because in my experience, bakeries have nice people and yummy smelling food). I may even choose to go to the library (where there are book-loving people, and I love books)! If I choose the bakery, obviously, I would have to strike up a conversation. Maybe I could lie and say how my friend told me to come into the bakery if I ever visited this city because the desserts are so delicious, or I can just ask for a phone, throw in a couple of tears, and talk about my life. Now, if I go with the first one, they may offer some cake or pie for me to taste, ask me where I came from, what I am doing, where I am staying (which at this point, considering I have pie in my mouth, I would be ashamed to say I am broke) and that is it. Bon voyage! Although, if I go with the second one, they’ll ask where I came from, why I am here, if I need a place to stay, and I may get a place to sleep for the night, and I think I would rather sleep with a roof over my head rather than walking the streets of a city I barely knew at night. You don’t know what crazy things happen with the sky goes dark. 

I might skip the bakery all together and go for a walk around the city. Though, I may get tired and sleepy, so I would end up at a bakery. 

Simply put, I would go to a bakery or a library if I was stranded for a day in a city I did not know. 

Sniffing in some muffins, I would enter and ask, loudly, “May I use your phone?” 


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