Part 3: President Obama’s Visit to Occupia*

*Refer to Post 2. 

While many people were busy welcoming – and unwelcoming- President Barack Obama to the region, I did what any social-networker would do. I heard the news, read the news, and counted Mr. Obama’s mistakes. 

On another network, I have 9. Here I have 10 plus a little explanation as I see it. 

Obama’s Top 10 Mistakes While Visiting The Region: 

 #1 : Coming to a country with people that are furious with you and say how proud your country is of being great friends with their worst enemy.

#2: Visiting the Iron Dome Missle Defense System, refuse to talk with the prisoners’ relatives and have officials say that you are coming here to “listen.” 

#3: Giving a tree as a gift to people that run down trees  with a bulldozer.

#4: Coming to the country of people that have been occupied for 65 years and tell their occupier that you are glad to be here at a time where they are celebrating the 65th anniversary of an indepedent state.

#5: Coming to a country in which you have ruined by being best friends with their enemy and talking about another country. 

#6: Calling two of the biggest liars in the world the “greatest democracies.” First, they aren’t that great. Second, one of those ‘democracies’ is a religious state.

#7: Preaching about civil rights and how there should not be discrimination and inequality, and then come here and talk to a group of people. 

#8: Laughing and pretending you didn’t hear when a person asks you a serious question (a question who’s answer is your responsibility). As president, you answer. 

#9: Flying over the country with a helicopter and pretending to not see the apartheid wall or refugee camps.

#10 Making so much mistakes that I have lost count. 

I said in a post a few days ago that I wish he’d leave his suit behind and come see what is actually going on. I am not angry with the words he said and the things he did – and did not do- in this very short visit of his. I am simply sad. I feel grief in my heart everytime I see him smiling at the debka performances and hear him making promises that people have made to the Occupied before. I feel grief everytime he ignores a question that he knows the answer to. And it is not just with President Obama. It could have been any other person. 

The fancy thing that is going around is that he’ll help in ‘restoring the peace process’. Does nobody know that it died? 

And here I thought we all went to its funeral. 





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