Part 2: Just When I Thought He’d Be Better

This is part two of my previous blogpost. 

I thought he would be better, but when I heard that he was meeting with ‘one side of the problem’ and not the other, I thought to myself, How unbelievable! Then again, it is believable. 

When he was the “chosen one”, I thought to myself, Yes, he’d do good for us. He will sympathize with us. His ancestors that lived where he has become the chosen one have been through what we are still going through. They fought inequality. He will help us. 

So far, I am wrong. He came to meet with one side of the story, and to tell my people, the Occupied, how proud he is to be best friends with their worst enemy. He doesn’t understand that he made matters worse than he did better. He doesn’t understand that my people, the Occupied, need a hand. Not to shake. But to help. 

It is enough I am discriminated against on my own land by the Occupiers, but him, coming to Occupia and discriminating against me, now, that’s a no-no. 

Just when I thought he’d be better, I was wrong. So far. 


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