The Night Before He Came

It was the night before he came. One person went to the streets in hopes that the world would hear his thoughts because he could not bear them being trapped inside of his mind anymore. Then, before that person knew it, one more person walked out on the street. Then another. And another. Before that person was able to take in all the people around him, people had heard and walked out to the streets in their towns to share their opinions.

Above their heads, helicopters – that from far away could be mistaken as gigantic bird dinasours from Jurassic Park- flew around. They were preparing for him to come, making sure that the streets were nice and tidy, and there was at least, one welcoming gesture. It would be a shame if he crossed the oceans, the seas, some countries, only to find out that he is not welcome. 

There were cars with lights on top that roamed the streets, quietly into the dead night, to make sure everyone is sound asleep and had nothing of importance on their mind but a sad dream or a beautiful nightmare. 

The stars sparkled in the sky, and some clouds split apart uncovering the moon. He was coming tomorrow in a plane – that rumor has it- is bigger than two of that first person’s neighbors’ homes. He was going to land, and rumor also has it that he will be agreeing to something or doing something of importance with his left hand.

It was the night before he came. It was a dark night lit by stars and the moon and filled with echoes of the people from that afternoon. “You’re not welcome! You’re not…”




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