The Billboards Are Calling…But I have Another Message to Add (to Obama)

When I am not lost in a novel on my way to my university, I look through the window as any person would (except those that are texting). What I noticed two weeks ago were not the regular billboard advertisements of dresses or telephone companies. I noticed graffitti (in Arabic) on those billboards.

“Get up!” This was the first message written, and I thought to myself, indeed, people need to get up. 

“Dignity!” This was the next message, and I thought of the prisoners on hunger strike, and those people who keep going after the world has done so much to stop them. 

“An uprising is near!” This was the last message I read before arriving at my university. An uprising? I feel it everytime the students call to go protest and everytime I hear something that needs to be changed. Though, it is nowhere to truly be found.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon another billboard. This time it was fancy-printed in English with red,white, and blue and President Barack Obama’s picture on it. The message says, ““Dear Barack Obama, Don’t Bring Your Smart Phone to Ramallah. You won’t have mobile access to the Internet. We have no 3G in Palestine!”

Though, I have another message for you, Mr. President. Leave your suit in your suitcase for just one day (I would says hours but the Occupiers would barely let you cross Qalandia in a five hours this way). Leave your suit in your suitcase and where a plaid shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Take a walk around Occupia (or the “Occupied territories” as it is so often called) as a citizen and not as a president. See this place with the eyes of a citizen of the world. Talk with people with the tongue of a citizen of the world.

Then, go home, put your suit back on, and tell the world the truth. 

Thank you. 


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