The magic of Harry Potter, the sound of books, and the balcony of shakespeare: a writing room

If a genie was to grant me my very own writing and reading space of my choice, I honestly would not know what to tell him. How would I want my writing and reading space to be? Would I want a big room with a nice chandelier and pretty windows, or would I want a small, cozy room with a fireplace? That would open another question: where would I want my writing and reading space? (Because if it was in Africa, I don’t think I would need a fireplace). To be honest, the space I am imagining is a mix of Ireland scenery outside, and old, dusty Harry Potter magical kind of coziness on the inside. Having just conjured all of these thoughts up, this is what I would tell the genie. 

I want a space that is not too big and not too small, but I also want a little balcony on the outside. This would mean that my space is on a top floor or something of the sort. I imagine the scenery to be clear and inspiring; something fresh; something loud and quiet at the same time (if writers know what I mean). I don’t want a remote space. I want a space in the middle of a nice village (maybe an Italian village?). See, sometimes, hearing people outside brings in life. Remoteness is boring.  I imagine the balcony to have some flowers on them, and a few dangling lights off the edges of the balcony (to add to the Harry Potter magic I am imagining). Oh, and Genie, I also want a swinging chair. 

I want the inside to be cozy but to also have space in it. I want to have a large, in-the-wall kind of shelf to put books on. I want one wall to be painted with cursive letters, you know, something that looks old (maybe even a famous literary phrase, quote or something). I want another wall to be artisitic, not a plain color. Plain colors are boring. Splash something on it, Genie! 

I want a comfortable chair and a long desk. I want a chair that when you sit in, you are just feeling calm. Since I am designing my own writing and reading space, I will be scattering things around and a long desk would do me good. I am not a floor-scatter person. I am more of a scatter-things-on-the-bed-and-desk person. 

See if the Genie was to grant me all this, I would go visit and see what else is missing. You don’t really know what you want until you are in the moment of realizing that you are about to experience what you think you want, if that makes any sense. 

At the end of the day, I want to walk into my Harry Potter, old literature-looking space, with a Romeo-Juliet balcony, in an Italian village. 

Genie, I wish you’d to your work. 



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