“Five Broken Cameras”, “Six Broken Bones”, and Many Broken Hearts

The first time I heard that “Five Broken Cameras” was nominated for an Oscar, I felt joy inside of me. I do not know the director, and I have not even watched the documentary (and maybe I see similar events around in every newspaper in Occupia* so I would not need to watch it), but the fact that it had been watched by someone else, other than the Occupied themselves means something, even if it is argued that an award is not needed at the cost of the Occupied’s sufferings. Of course, no award is worth the Occupied’s suffering. We want to not be occupied.

Anyways, I am a fan of award shows. They are just entertaining to watch: the fashion, the movies, the mess-ups. It drags on, but some moments are just hilarious. This year’s Oscars was a little special, with a member of the Occupied there and all. Now, that is a moment of excitement. But that Sunday, forgetting that it was Oscars night, I woke up, the way many Occupied woke up, to something else; to the news of ‘Arafat Jaradat and six broken bones.’

An Occupied* man named Arafat Jaradat received six broken bones while under interrogation by Occupier* forces. He died a martyr. 

With six broken bones, (Maan News Agency being my source to this information), a citizen of Occupia, a brother to all the Occupied had left this land to somewhere else. As if that is not disturbing and heart breaking enough, some of the most widely read newspapers that support the Occupier gave a different story (you can read your regular newspaper about the issue, and you may see what I am talking about. I will not mention any names here). 

 Those papers will read that Jaradat died of cardiac arrest, and the bones were a result of doctors trying to revive him. With a man Jaradat’s age, 30 years old, that explanation is hard to believe, yet it is believed. How many people have to die in this world, and how much have to die in vain? It is a question with no answer, but nonetheless, it is a question.

Thousands went out to protest, thousands went out to bury him, yet the world remains oblivious.

Would all of this stop with a third uprising in Occupia? The prisoners are undergoing a great deal (with some on hungerstrikes). I do not know, but a few days, I heard something interesting about the uprising having already started, inside the prisons by the Occupied prisoners.  

If you have read previous posts of mine, you would know that I am not a fan of statistics and numbers when it comes to issues like death, poverty, etc. When it comes to numbers, that is all people see for the moment, numbers. They do not see the person(s) at question. Though, when a name is mentioned, if you are really listening, it will stick with you. I hope whoever is reading this will tell people about this man because this is just one example of what the Occupied go through. And perhaps, you will even want to watch “Five Broken Cameras”.

Though here I am mentioning numbers: “five”, “six”, and “thousands”. Five cameras are not the only things that are broken. There has been more than six broken bones since the start of Occupia, and more than thousands of hearts have been broken. 

5….6…..thousand. This cannot go on. This will not go on. 





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