Call Me, Maybe? ‘Cause My Phone Is My…

Where’s my phone? I pat my pockets. I swear it was right here! Oh my God, I lost my phone. Everyone’s number is on there. I have e-mails on there! I have cute texts on there! Now, what am I going to do? Better go post a Facebook status telling everyone that I lost my phone. I search through my purse. Wait, I found it. How relieving is that?

It is not so much the kind of phone I have, whether it is an iPhone, Samsung, or Nokia. It is the phone itself. The calling, messaging, games, music and all that.

My phone is my morning alarm, so it can be annoying. I just want to throw it to the ground so it would shut up. I know there’s a snooze button and all, but if you don’t feel like opening your eyes, throwing the phone seems reasonable. Only, I cannot afford my phone breaking.

I carry my phone everytime I walk out of the house. If it isn’t with me, I find myself to keep worrying that it is lost, even if I know darn well that it is at home. Even though my phone may be empty of calling credit – as we have in Occupia*, Jawwal- I still need my phone to be with me.

I check the time on my phone. I would wear a watch, but the two I like and own are really dear to me, and I don’t like wearing them everywhere. I hate my phone when I am in class, and the time doesn’t read that class is over. It is still the same damn minute.

I play games on my phone, watch Ted talks, take pictures, and text friends like every person that owns a phone probably does.

I especially love my phone when I get an unexpected call or text that just makes my day or week! I mean who wouldn’t?

So I guess you can say my relationship with my phone is one filled with love. We are happy together and hope to remain that way!

Now, I just need to go charge my phone for another adventerous day!


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