Ch-ch-ch-ch-change! Beginning without knowing.

“If you want something, you had better make some noise” (Hayley, p.11).

That sentence sums up something I have learned along the years, though, thinking about it now, I am not sure when or where. If I know I can do something, and I want to do it, I definitely will ‘make some noise’. Knowing myself, I would compose a symphony for an Orchestra to perform if I have to.

For as long as I remember, I wanted to change the world. I think that is why I was never able to pinpoint my favorite subject in school and why I would rather an outfit of suit pants and a neat blouse rather than the princess-like dress my mother would force me into when I was young. Times have changed, and my sense of fashion did also, but one thing that has not changed is myself wanting to change the world. Whether I chose a science to be my favorite at the time, or whether I considered my hobby of writing to be it, all I knew was that I wanted to change the world. I don’t have a clue as to where to start from, but I will argue that ‘wanting’ is the first step.

Around a month ago, my friend brought me The Autobiography of Malcolm X to read. “You’re really going to like this book!” she told me. By the time I reached page 11 and read that sentence, I knew that I already did.

Reading that sentence over and over again just to make sure I understood its truth, a part of me said, “Don’t forget that.”

And here is where I asked myself the question: do we begin changing without realizing? Probably. Do we make a change without knowing? Probably. I have met many people that had created some sort of change around me; some people that do not know they had. Nevertheless, they did.

I like to think that writing creates a change, and I am one out of plenty other walking examples. If a book, an autobiography like Malcolm X’s, or a fiction novel, has the ability to take me on a journey into a different world with people that seem so real yet not so much and brings me back a changed person, how can the words we write on our blogs not create any sort of change? Even if it is just curling up someone’s lips.


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