The Search for Many Things.

“Think global, act local.” 

When I first read those words on the Daily Prompt, I thought to myself what is a global issue that is plainly a local one [if that makes any sense]? There’s racism, poverty, global warming, health issues, economic issues, but there are also self-mattering issues [if you want to put a word for it]. 

“What are people constantly in search for” is a question I asked myself right now. The first thing I thought of was happiness. “There’s too much things that are depressing, anyways,” is something a professor of mine once said. He is right. I feel that too many depressing matters can lead us on two different journeys: a journey to change which will then lead to happiness or a jounrey towards depression or darkness. I would rather the first one. 


So, we begin the search within our families, our work, our this and that, yet we cannot seem to be able to pinpoint happiness. 

Then, you read about all these things that lead to happiness. Do we really need a guidebook? We probably need to just look into ourselves and find happiness [again, we hear this like guidelines of a book as well]. We can be happy if we want to. We just need to relax and not be so darn serious most of the time. 

This is a global concern, do you not agree? It may not apply to everyone, but hey. 

Am I on a search for happiness? Sure. Why not? How we find this happiness is the question. The people I know really well as also on this search. One way or the other. 

Well, we have the global issue down, and we see it locally [if we look hard enough]. Time to start running together, then. 




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