“What Are You Studying?”

I have never in my life heard of a question asked more than this one, especially where I come from. It seems that people are so concerned with what you are planning on doing that they forget to get off their own behinds and do something of their own. 

Since before I graduated high school which was not so long ago, I have been asked by relatives, colleagues, and random people “What are you studying?” I graduated as Valedictorian, so of course, I should know what I want, right? They expected me to have a set goal of what I was planning on doing in the next, oh, I don’t know, thirty years. Even when I went to sign up at my university, you had to pick – right there, on the spot- what you wanted to study. Well, I didn’t know. I like so many things. I did not want to limit myself to just ONE thing. Where I come from, though, they expect you to have one thing down. [Notice that I say ‘where I come from’ because I don’t know how it is anywhere else]. 

Anyways, I cannot tell you how much that question bugged me. I understand they ask it in terms of what you are majoring in, but they don’t just leave it at that. They judge you and sometimes, they even make snotty comments. For the love of God, if I was dying, I probably won’t concern half the people that are concerned with “What are you studying?”

Last week, in a writing course I take, my teacher asked us to write one word that relates to us. As we went around the class talking about ourselves and that word, one girl wrote “lost” because she did not know what she wanted. The teacher then said something along the lines of, “It’s okay not to know what you want now.” I thought to myself, finally! A person that makes sense and gets me! 

“What are you studying?” I would like to say everything, as a friend of mine also put it yesterday. I like experimenting around. I like taking random classes that don’t pertain to whatever I am listed as studying. I like writing. I like creating a blog and watching movies. I like being social. I like science and health. I like books. Food is great! I like kids [well, sometimes].  I like this and I like that. It is no one’s business what I do, and thanks to the support of good friends and awesome mother and father, I get that. It is my life.

My friends, if you are in my situation, just say “everything.”  You live once, and then you die leaving everything behind. Might as well make it worthwhile. 


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