Through Thy Window

Through my bedroom window, I have seen the same view for the past eight years. Sometimes, I would hate the view and feel like it is too routine. Sometimes, I would appreciate the view [and I will mention that I have learned to appreciate it more than hate it].

I see the side of my neighbor’s house. They are good neighbors, in fact, and sort of related to me…third cousins or something like that.

All way ahead, I could see miles of mountains and hills and at the end, there is one line of bright lights shining. Those lights are for a settlement that is illegally settled on Occupia’s* soil by the Occupiers*. 

There is also this hill that is to my right which has a tree standing on top that has not changed on bit. In fact, I have begun to see it as a giant turtle! In front of that tree, there’s an electrical fence, so that if the Occupied* tried to reach that part of the land, they would get shocked with electricity. 

Through thy window, I see so much more than my neighbors, miles of mountains and hills with trees on them, illegal settlements, and a giant turtle-looking tree. I see nice people and realize they still exist. I see nature and realize that pollution did not fully destroy nature. I see occupation, but I also see inspiration. I see injustice, but I also see resistance. I see a giant-turtle looking tree that I hope to one day see up close. 

Through my bedroom window, even if it seems so routine-ish sometimes, I can see new things every day. I just need to look. 


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