“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snowwww!”

What’s better than waking up from the sound of a snowball slamming your window, or your brother waking you up to ask you for some gloves because he can’t find his? That is how I woke up two mornings ago.

Living in a southern state in the U.S., I had never seen snow until I came to Occupia*. I remember it was a few years ago when my brother and I heard it was going to snow. We were shaking with excitement! This is probably, I’d say the third or fourth time I have seen snow. I am not a winter person, but hey, we can all use a little white outside our windows, sometimes.

It wasn’t only the little children running around making snowmen, snowbrides, and having snowball fights. It was the big kids, too. In my neighborhood, not so much, but once we convinced my mother to drive our car up the hill [the car almost rolled down] and go to the grandparent’s house, people were ready to attack the cars. And it was just…fun!

Unfortunately, a few of my childhood friends that we [siblings included], at times, had planned some snowball fights [before the sun came out and melted it all away], weren’t here for this snowfall, but what can we do?

Snowfall came a little late, missing Christmas and all that, but it came. And to think I was rambling on about how the weather forecast is always wrong! “Let it snowwwwwwwww!” [Sing along!]

What better way to end the terribly cold day talking to one of your best friends and watching Die Hard 4 with the family? Oh, and did I mention the arguing over nonsense…nothing better than that, indeed.


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