Rain, rain, we prayed for you to stay.

To say that is has been raining these past couple of days in Occupia* is an understatement. It has been pouring, and when you  walk to your car or go do daily business outside like getting some groceries or going to school, the wind is ready to push you around.  It is like the Gulf Coast’s hurricane season only on a different continent.

There’s word going around the snow will be falling down tonight [it just missed Christmas!] [NOTE: Snow ‘news’ travels around every year, and I see no sign of it].  For that reason, the supermarkets are full with people buying drinks, food, [junk] food, and [more] food. The bakeries are packed. The heaters are on. People are home sitting near the heaters with 1-10 shirts on [I’m sitting here wearing a winter hat that makes me look like a “hippie”, according to my brother]. Some people are studying for finals while others are watching television with a bunch of Turkish shows airing or killing time on Facebook. As long as the Internet and phones are working, everything should be fine.

Oh, wait. The electricity may cut off just about any second now.

That is just one problem that goes on during these ‘hurricane-ish’ days, and it’s probably the least of our problems, too. The electricity cutting off isn’t that much of a problem at night [unless you have a school term paper to turn in or an exam the next day]. It becomes a problem when the electricity sparks a fire in the weirdest ways possible. One of my good friends had a fire start in her house because of some electrical problem….I’ll tell you one thing. Firefighters and fire trucks aren’t a few blocks away. You’d have to wait around for about, well, I don’t know, half an hour [minimum] for someone to show up and ask “What’s the problem here, ma’am?”

Another problem is the sewer system. For the love of God, Occupia is filled with hills and mountains and all that, so of course, a sewer [sewage] system is needed! Floods occur because there is no such system. Plus, it’s not much  fun when you are freezing, walking through water, walking in water, and being splashed by cars that don’t know how to obey the speed-limit.


These are just a few major problems [note the word few and major]. Back to the rain…

The sound of rain drizzling on the ground is a nice, calm sound. I wonder though, why is it that the rainy weather makes people so nostalgic? What is it about the rain? Is it because there isn’t much to do and nowhere to go in the rain so we just sit here and there remembering things? Is it because the rain seems to cleanse the Earth and all that is on it, so we remember  those ‘times’ we’re thinking of are just memories, and when the sun comes up tomorrow, new memories will be made?

Or is it because the rain is as calm as those cherished memories make us?

I don’t know what it is, but sitting here having just drank some green tea [I can’t stand drinking it without sugar], I am also feeling nostalgic [and worked up at the same time because the rain reminds me of the problems that need to be fixed]. But more than ever, I feel like I miss someone…I miss something. Well, don’t we all?

I’m not a fan of the rain or the cold, but hey, the sound of rain is a sound that is just nice to the ear. I’ll just ignore my preferance for the sun and just listen to the rain.

Rain, rain, looks like you’re here to stay. Afterall, I remember last year, people prayed for you to come…and stay.



P.S.  Remember and make a prayer for all those that aren’t warm and cozy right now like you and I.









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