2013, don’t be a jerk! Happy New Year!

And the countdown begins, my fellow friends! Two hours and five minutes left (according to Occupia* time), and this year will be long gone in history. It is about damn time, too!

This year started out slowly and ended way too quickly from my point of view. It is like one of those occasional years that come by and all you get is boredom. A few moments of fun, but mostly, it is boredom. I can safely say that 2012 is not on my ‘favorite year’ list. I had way too many expectations and planned things to – I wouldn’t say core, but you get my drift-, and well, for the most part, I was disappointed. What’s that saying about people and things you expect the most from are the ones most likely to disappoint you? Yeah, that.

But hey, I can’t say the year sucked. There were some memories that will never be forgotten with people close to the heart. I thank God each and every day for these people.

Now, with the beginning of 2013 right around the corner, most people have set up resolutions to carry out for this year. How many of you [those who have new year resolutions] pull through with them? If you do, congratulations then! If you don’t, well, then you are just like a good number of people that I know, including myself.

Resolutions usually consider some sort of change. I often hear things [and say things], at the beginning of the new year about some sort of change others and I want to see. “I hope this year will bring some change.” The year itself won’t bring some change. Our choices and actions bring that change. The year is just a clicking clock till next year when we start making new resolutions.

That is why, for 2013, I am considering a different type of resolution. I do not know if it will work, but with determination, motivation, and the stubborn head that I have, I am betting that my chances are good at pulling this one off.

I want to let this year come as it is with no expectations and no planning. I do not want to plan for next semester. I do not want to plan for the summer. I do not want to plan for a class reunion. I do not want to plan for saying goodbye to a friend. I want to just get up and do it. I want to work hard for next semester. I want to enjoy the summer as it comes and find something to do [even if it is something for myself] other than attending 1243875 weddings [you eventually get sick of them]. I want to Facebook message a group of my friends, argue about which place to meet at and just meet. I want to tell my friend “see you later” and not “goodbye.” And one of my best friends is getting married! OMG.

I want to look at things in a more positive perspective. Don’t we all? It is hard to at times, but I think we can figure out a way to see the beauty in things [though, not totally ignoring the reality of things, either].

In short, my new year’s resolution is to give back and lay back [not from responsibilities or anything, but to chill out a little; take a breather, as they say]. With so many tragedies in this world, that is the least any of us can do. Give back even if it is just with a kind word. Now, that’s a start.

I sound like Buddha, but it is really something to consider. Will you give back with me, my fellow friends and readers? What do we have to lose, anyways?

This is my last post for the year, so I want to wish you all a happy new year. May this be a year that goes by smoothly and treats you all good. May this be a year that sheds truth and opens minds in various parts of the world. May this be a year that grants you and your loved ones happiness. May this be a year without planning and expectations, but instead, doing and working. May this be a year where we show gratitude more than before. May this be a year…[fill in the blanks fellow friends and readers and say ‘Amen!].

You have probably heard of similar prayers and blessings, but this time, let’s ‘make it work’, as Tim Gunn would say.

Now, before we leave this year for good, let us ask ourselves: what did this year teach us? What did we do worthwhile this year?

Afterall, we need to keep up. 2013 is coming at us!

Oh yeah, and 2013, don’t be a jerk, please.


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