To Things That’ll Probably Never Change.

Recently, over this ten day break [which is part Christmas and part winter break], my writing classmates and I have been working on this writing publication that is to be submitted at the end of the semester. [I have to note that these eight classmates of mine are people I have met last year and at the beginning of this one, and I am glad to have met them]. Anyways, we decided that the theme of this publication project would be about change; change of perspectives, personalitites, life moments, decisions, anything, really. Where do we begin when we talk about ‘change’? Do we begin with the world, or do we begin with people? Do we begin with ourselves?

I think the biggest heartbreak I have had as of yet [I’m still branching out into this ‘real world’] is that things change, whether we like it or not. It is out of our hands. Though, as I sit here and write about this, I wonder: Do things change, or do people and their perspectives change? It is probably the latter. The way I see it, if perspectives change, we see things differently, and that is why things seem to change.

Some things, though, do not change. They stay the same no matter how much time goes by. That is something I noticed today.

My good friend, a friend I remember wouldn’t give me her colored Gel pens in the sixth grade, Abeir, came to Occupia* for her winter break. I only found out last week, and I immediately wanted to plan something to see her and everyone else. It is nice to see faces you miss and you have not seen in a while. They remind you of good times.

After a group Facebook message between my friends from highschool that are still here [and my oh my, you wouldn’t even begin to imagine how long it takes us to pick a place and time to meet], we decided to go out to a cafe. Now, the confusing Facebook planning is something I don’t see changing.

Eight of us were able to make it. One of my good friends, Mariam, suggested we go around the table and say what we are doing in life now [it’s been only a year and a half], we agreed college was our life, now. Or sleep, as Najat, said. Or marriage, as Naz’s life was.

In the midst of the conversations we had, the loudness, the laughter, and the picture-taking, I realized how these are some things that will probably never change. At least, I hope they never do.

So, here’s to the talks, loudness, and laughter with friends we make in school….probably the one good thing we get out of school.



2 thoughts on “To Things That’ll Probably Never Change.

  1. Awe, I teared. Love You All. Love You Hasheesh!
    Miss You girls and all the “talks, loudness, and laughter” we had, and all the memories we have together! May Allah grant each and every one of you success and happiness in all your paths, whether it was the path of college or the path of marriage life. No matter which, each is a beloved and blessed choice to Allah in a special way!
    You are all such amazing girls. Allah yis3dkum ❤

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